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J.Nebo: about his goals, conversation with M.Shiller and the main reason for coming to “Žalgiris”

A 24-year-old 206 cm tall American promises to delight the fans of Kaunas “Žalgiris” club with impressive placements and a fight on both sides of the square in the coming season Joshas Nebo, who began his professional career in Israel last year after studying in the United States.

The basketball player who played in the Hapoel club in Eilat is ready to take solid statistics to an even higher level – the Euroleague, and the basketball player talked about it together with Rytis Kazlauskas, the host of Žalgiris Insider. At the beginning of the conversation, the tall man told about the main motives for choosing Žalgiris’ offer.

“The main reason to agree was the club’s past, the fact that they help young players improve. I have repeatedly noticed that this team invites inexperienced basketball players and grows them over time. I also know that Martin Schiller is a great coach, he has coached in the US as well, so he also knows the American style of play. Good organization, development of young players and coach Martin were the factors that led to joining, “said J. Nebo.

J.Nebo, who will start the second season of his professional career in Europe, even before signing the contract with Žalgiris, knew about M.Schiller’s experience in the USA working with the G League Salt Lake City Stars Club. True, the freshly baked Žalgiris surprised how well the head coach of Kaunas team was prepared for the first conversation with him.

“After talking to coach M. Schiller for the first time, I was very surprised. He was extremely detailed, even having ready-made videos: during the Zoom conversation, he showed personal clips of my video and pointed out where I needed to improve. I was amazed at how detailed and structured this coach is, ”said the newcomer of Žalgiris.

J.Nebo, who is striving to improve in Kaunas and wants to be an even better player, understands that the most important thing at the moment was to find a team where he could reveal himself best. Knowing this, “Žalgiris” offer was able to compete with more financially attractive temptations from other teams.

“I, as a young player, could be naive and want to get everything right away. But I talk to the agent and the people around me who are trying to explain how important it is to go in the right direction. The most important thing is not always how much you earn, whether you are in the right position to improve and only then it is important to strive for something more, ”explained the tall man.

In the entire conversation for Žalgiris Insider MVP plan subscribers, J. Nebo told about his first season in Israel, interest from other Euroleague teams, the composition of Žalgiris and answered all subscriber questions.

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