jackpot! Who suddenly won the 157 million euros? Finally found?

A few days ago, a pot was lost since the lucky winner had not presented himself to the Française des Jeux to validate his winning ticket.

In this case, the money goes straight into the state coffers.

So it’s a new jackpot which was won since 157 million will be offered to a man or a woman, but the person will of course have to make himself known to the FDJ. This Tuesday evening, the euphoria was undoubtedly at the rendezvous in a family since the sum represents one of the biggest gains won in France.

The identity of the winner is not yet known

To win the € 157 million jackpot, you had to play 4, 8, 10, 33 and 46 with the two numbers 8 and 11. Check your ticket, because you may be the proud owner of this prize which should offer you a bright future. The gain is one of the largest since the birth of this lottery in 2004 in France.

  • It can be very beneficial to playEuromillions since the gains can be colossal over the years.
  • For France, it is the third big gain that is proposed, the record is still 170 million euros in 2012 on the side of the Alpes Maritimes.
  • The most impressive record is held by the United Kingdom as 190 million euros have been won.
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Some countries are often put forward for Euromillions namely Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom. For the latter, two impressive wins have been identified in 2012 and 2019. If you intend to gamble, you can do so in your tobacconist or directly on the Internet in order to complete the grid online in order to win. time. The sum is colossal and it is difficult to imagine how much life can change with such a fee. It will of course be necessary to opt for careful management, but, with 157 million euros, several generations can live in full serenity.

A sum that can turn heads

Some tend to fly away with just a few thousand dollars, but others keep their feet on the ground. When you become a millionaire overnight, of course, you have to be very vigilant, because the temptations are many and you can fall into a downward spiral without return. Many people who have won wins have lost their way because of such an incredible amount. We must therefore be surrounded and try to envision the future with the greatest serenity. In certain cases, it is advisable to be helped by a manager.

The winners can also turn to the Française des Jeux to try to have recommendations and avenues to study. With such a sum, it is also necessary to invest in particular in real estate without having a real buying fever. Certainly, life can change with 157 million euros, but it can also be destroyed in a few months because of bad investments, an addiction, a vicious circle. After the euphoria, it is vigilance that must be there. The Euromillions jackpot will now be less attractive, but it climbs very quickly over the draws. Don’t hesitate to play, you might be the next millionaire and keep all your tickets safe!

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