Jacobo Bucaram Pulley was transferred at dawn to Prison 4, in Quito | Politics | News

Quito –

Under a police guard of agents from the Special Operations Group (GOE) and prison security agents, Jacobo Bucaram Pulley arrived at Jail 4, located north of Quito, around 02:00 this Friday, who is being investigated by the crimes of illicit trafficking in property and organized crime in three criminal proceedings.

The transfer operation started at 00:30 at the Sierra Centro-Norte Cotopaxi Social Rehabilitation Center (CRS), in Latacunga and was authorized by Patricio Limaico, director of the CRS in which Bucaram Pulley had been held since last September 26. , after being expelled from Colombia for immigration issues and a hearing to link to the cause of organized crime in Quito, which was also prosecuted by his father, former president Abdalá Bucaram Ortíz.

Last Wednesday afternoon, with a majority vote of the Court of the National Court of Justice (CNJ), which analyzed the habeas corpus appeal requested by Jacobo Bucaram Pulley, ordered the transfer of the prisoner from the CRS in Latacunga to Jail 4 , under the logic of “protecting the neighboring rights” of the Bucaram Pulley’s older brother.

The majority vote of judges Daniella Camacho and Wilman Terán came five days after the defense of Jacobo Bucaram Pulley and the CRS Cotopaxi lawyer were heard at the CNJ.

One of the lawyers who was transferred was present outside Prison 4 in an operation that was handled with discretion. It transpired that Jacobo Bucaram Pulley was temporarily placed in Pavilion C, in cell number 1 of that prison located at the northern end of the capital. (I)

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