Jaime Mayor Oreja presents the convention of the cultural platform 'One of us' with the presence of Alberto Nuez Feijo


Former Interior Minister and President of the Federation

Former Interior Minister and President of the European Federation 'One of Us', Jaime Mayor Oreja (left), this Saturday, in Santiago de Compostela.

The president of the European FederationOne of us,Jaime Mayor Ear, has presented this Saturday, in Santiago de Compostela, the convention entitledFor a Europe faithful to human dignity. In the meeting, which was attended by the president of the Xunta de Galicia, Alberto Nuez Feijo, more than 150 European thinkers and intellectuals from 20 countries participated, including philosophers, historians, scientists, bioethicists, lawyers and journalists from European universities , companies and civil organizations.

In the act, which has had the presence of the French philosopherRemi Brague– Professor Emrito of the Sorbonne University -, there has been concern about the extreme disorder that is currently affecting the European Union and each of its countries, with a moral crisis, crisis of truth and a crisis of person.

The creation of an observatoryOne of usFor the defense of human dignity it has been one of the main issues to be addressed in this convention. In this sense, the European observatory, directed by the historian in law and French politicianGuillaume Bernand, issue three reports a year on the evolution of the European situation, both from a general point of view and in each of the singular sections that affect the dignity of the person.

The choice of the city of Santiago de Compostela as the seat of this convention has been due to the fundamental role that the Camino de Santiago has had and has in the European Christian roots. European thinkers and intellectuals have dealt with issues such as freedom of expression and conscience in the face of a dominant fashion, euthanasia before legislative and judicial initiatives in countries such as Spain or Italy, the gender ideology, freedom of expression and conscience or the phenomenon of transhumanism

European federationOne of usIt was founded in 2014 after the success of the first initiative of European citizensOne of us. Almost two million people signed against the destruction of human embryos.

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