Jaime Silvela flies on the second day of the Forcn competition


The rider Jaime Silvela, on the back of "Mujuru MQ", was yesterday the one who jumped higher in the second day of the Avesilian Contest of the Forcón, winning the first place in the 1.35 meters test with a stopwatch. Leonardo Medal, with "Rebeca M", did the same in 1.30 meters with a stopwatch and tiebreaker; Carlos González-Saavedra with "Clintour de Torres", in 1.20 meters with stopwatch; José Arango on "Herbie van Overis" at 1.10 without time; Carlos Borho, with "Tovie Star Troides", in 1 meter without a stopwatch; Eugenia Borho on the back of "Willi Kili" in 0.80 meters without a stopwatch; and Brezo Álvarez, on "Cocoliso", in 0.5 meters also without time.


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