Saturday, 15 Dec 2018

James Harrison on Tom Brady: “I wanted to hate him … he’s the ultimate teammate”

Who is the better coach? Bill Belichick or Mike Tomlin? The debate has been over for a while – last December was perhaps the last nail in that casket – but James Harrison played for both, he was Skip Bayliss and Shannon Sharpe's guest at FS1's Unisputed the question was of course: 19659002] Mike Tomlin [or] Bill Belichick

"Belichick" was Harrison's quick, unambiguous answer.

By far?

"For me, yes."


Okay, then, why?

"Mike Tomlin is good at head coaching," said Harrison, the Steelers' longtime linebacker, who ended his career with the Patriots last season. "He's a player-coach, I think he has to be a bit more disciplined."

"The big thing about Belichick is that he's very disciplined, he's disciplined, everyone's going to be on the same page, it's not going to be anything anyone could do to do his own thing, over there is their entire coaching staff You'll know what you're doing There's a meeting after the meeting, I've never had so many meetings in my life … Man, I've seen Tom Brady run to a meeting for fear 'Too late … I do not even know what happens if you're late for a meeting over there.'

Because they all arrive on time?

'Yes. Yes. "

Under Harrison's the following conclusion:

" Belichick is an old school. Like, "You're going to do it that way or it will not get done." As I said, it's easy to play for him if you're used to being disciplined (19459017). if you're used to it), it's not something that's hard, if you do not, then you'll have some problems until you get into the line. "

And personally?

"Belichick is really funny, he's nothing like the guy you see on TV."

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