James Rodriguez has come out to clarify rumors, obvious annoyance, captain’s voice Colombia Selection: | Colombia selection

James Rodríguez has always lived with rumors, disqualifying comments, gossip, often malicious, and has learned to ignore everything, good and bad, so as not to lose his head.

But this time he was really bothered by the wave of versions that rolled through different media about his alleged clashes in the dressing room with his teammates from the Colombian National Team, after the painful 6-1 defeat against Ecuador, on the last date of the Qatar 2022 tie. .

“To public opinion, the media and fans in general I DISMISS all kinds of alleged information alluding to mistreatment, aggression, disputes or all kinds of controversy raised between players and in which I am mentioned as the protagonist after the World Cup qualifying commitments held on November 13 and 17, 2020, “he said in a statement this Thursday.

James got fed up with hearing that he fought with Muriel, with Lerma, with Dávinson and even with Cuadrado and spoke up front: “What happened on the court and the unfortunate results have not prospered beyond what the game represents. wardrobe and personal life, I maintain excellent and respectful relationships with each of my teammates from the Colombian National Team “.

It is a new facet, it is a fact that he will not let the comments about his public and private life pass again and sends a clear message to those who disseminate that information: they will face their lawyers.

“I ask everyone not to fall into the misinformation of these slanders. Those responsible and creators of these false stories only seek to promote discord and chaos affecting my name, so I will proceed in law where necessary,” warned one of the star clients of the lawyer Abelardo de la Espriella.

He speaks less and less with journalists and gives more opinions and intimacies of his life to influencers and other interviewer profiles and that, after this new wave of rumors, does not seem to change. He has become more suspicious.

The only precedent of a public statement to deny anything of everything that is said about him dates from 2015, when it was said that he would buy a professional team in Colombia.

“I am not considering the purchase of any soccer team in Colombia. The rumor that circulates is false,” wrote the player on his social networks about the alleged acquisition of Real Santander.

That is why this pronouncement attracted so much attention, which was replicated by teammates such as Edwin Cardona and the Colombian Football Federation itself.

James does not usually confront the dozens of rumors that circulate about him, but now it seems that he has moved on to the defensive phase: in the 0-3 defeat against Uruguay he took charge of the second goal (it was his mistake, in fact) And now he takes the voice to say, after 6-1 against Ecuador, that “the players are the first to recognize our responsibility” and that they will work harder to reach Qatar 2022. Did you want me to speak as captain? With you, Chief James.


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