Jan Ullrich: That’s how the former cyclist feels today

Few stars have fallen as deep in the past few years as he did. Jan Ullrich is one of the largest German sports idols, comparable only to Boris Becker, Steffi Graf, Franz Beckenbauer or Michael Schumacher. Ullrich was the first and to date the only German to win the Tour de France, and in 2000 he became Olympic champion in road racing.

But then the crash followed. First the sporty one in the course of his involvement in a doping affair, which ultimately led to his resignation. However, the private crash was much more brutal: several alcohol trips Ullrichs were recorded.

Jan Ullrich: His deep crash

In 2018 reports then appeared that the former cyclist had been arrested by the police in Mallorca. He is said to have rioted on the property of his neighbor Til Schweiger drunk and threatened guests. Shortly thereafter, he is said to have choked an escort lady in Germany under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Suddenly, the former cycling star dominated the headlines as in his best sporting times – but in a way that the 46-year-old should hardly have liked.

So Ullrich went into therapy. Which was apparently successful: It has been quiet about the former radidol for a long time. Most recently, it was in 2019 given a sign of life and reports that he is doing well according to the circumstances.

Jan Ullrich

But what about him today? The magazine “Bunte” spoke to Thomas Ullrich, the athlete’s youngest brother. He could only say good things: Jan is doing very well. He was happy again because he spent a lot of time with his children. In addition, Ullrich cycle again and train in a small group. “I have the impression that he is collecting himself and is thinking about what he wants to do with the second half of his life,” says Thomas Ullrich. “He’s just blooming again. It’s nice.”

source: “Colorful”

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