Jandino after moving notice to Curaçao: ‘I will continue to make theater’

The comedian does that on his Instagram. ‘I changed my mind a few years ago, if I really want to do something for the islands, then I should also be here more often, as often as I can’, Jandino starts to say under a photo.

He therefore wants to become a bridge builder when he is on Curaçao. ‘My most important task is to get people to communicate with each other’, he explains. Many people already ask Jandino when he packs his bags. “I’m not leaving for Curaçao tomorrow,” he explains. ‘I did look at the possibility of raising my children one part in Curaçao and the other part in the Netherlands.’

Others wondered if Jandino would then only do ‘serious work’ and say goodbye to his life in the theater. ‘No, I will continue to make good theater and films’, the comedian assures his fans. “Of course I’ll stay Dino.”

Jandino has been committed to the Antilles for a long time, to improve the housing situation there. In the video below he tells all about it.

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