Jane Seymour, 69, has been practicing pilates for three decades. Impressive Effects And Myfitness Rumors

Jane Seymour to legendarna actresswho is currently 69 years old. As she admitted, she has been practicing for thirty years pilates and it was this practice that she particularly liked. In addition, Jane is a fan of healthy eating. She has her own garden with organic vegetables and fruits, which she boasted about in social media.

The garden is fresh, really healthy – that’s how I care about my condition – the actress wrote under the photo.

Recently, a photo of Jane dressed in black sports appeared on the 69-year-old’s instagram bra and leggings. The star boasted a slim figure and a muscular belly, which she has been working on for years using diets i trainingw.

Today is #NationalDayofEncouragement and in case nobody told you recently, I’m proud of you! We live through these difficult times together, but let us overcome obstacles every day. Share the encouragement with the people in your life and tag them below! – we read in the latest post.

Smiling Jane encourages everyone to take life into their own hands and take care of their own health, the effects of which are also visible on the outside. Observers said the star looked twenty. Compliments were not lacking.

You look twenty

You look awesome

You are really wonderful, Jane, thank you for your smile and joy of life – Internet users wrote.

Let’s addthat Jane used botox, but is currently not interested in aesthetic medicine. In one of the conversations with The Express, she explained her decision.

I have seen it in my face and I can see it in other people as well. I’d rather be the best I can be my age, ”said Jane.

I must admit that years of regular training combined with proper nutrition have done their job.

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