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Jang Jeong-seok, KIA general manager, ‘I will make a team that fans can go crazy’

Jang Jeong-seok, general manager of KIA, “I will create a team that fans can go crazy about”

“The scene is central… operating as a system
I will play my role inconspicuously.”

By Choi Dong-hwan, staff reporter cdstone@jnilbo.com

Posted 2021-11-25 17:20:21

New general manager Jang Jeong-seok of the KIA Tigers is talking with reporters at the Gwangju-Kia Champions Field interview room on the 25th. Provided by KIA Tigers

“I will do my best to make KIA fans enthusiastic.”

This is the ambition expressed at the press conference held at the Gwangju-Kia Champions Field on the 25th, the first day of his appointment, by the new general manager Jang Jeong-seok (48) of the KIA Tigers.

The new general manager Jang said, “There are going to be difficult and difficult times at KIA, which is a prestigious and has a large fan base, but I am thrilled, happy and happy to take on the role of the general manager. I felt it was hot. I want to make a team that fans can be passionate about, step by step,” he said.

Director Jang smiled brightly as he recalled his memories of playing as a KIA player. He moved to KIA through a trade in 2002 and played for three years.

General Manager Jang said, “It was a backup to and from the second team during the Hyundai Unicorns. In KIA, the player base was thin, so it was the main backup. I was in my early 30s, but my training schedule was comfortable when I came to KIA. I finished the postseason for 3 years. I entered the 2nd entry and in the last year He said, “I have only good memories,” he said.

He revealed his affection for KIA and said that he would communicate through heart.

Director Jang said, “While commenting, the thought that KIA had to do well, I hope they did well, was dominant. This is the team that I supported since I worked for 3 years. “As a general manager, I will do a lot of communication first of all. I have to communicate with my heart while not being noticed on the spot. When the communication between the heads is good, a good atmosphere spreads down. New coaches, coaches, front desk I will make it close and close with the company,” he promised.

He also revealed his front philosophy of ‘the field should be the center’.

General Manager Jang said, “The field and the front are different. The general manager is not the priority. I felt that the new CEO Jun-young Choi is making a lot of effort to change. He talked about the prerequisites for a strong team. “I think that we have to be strong from the beginning,” he said.

He continued, “The coach, general manager, players, and front desk should not cross the line for their respective roles and should pour out their abilities as much as possible. I want to play a role in making things.”

It also revealed the direction of operation for the reconstruction of the famous family. He said, “No matter what manager comes, you have to come up with the club’s system and operate it according to that system. Currently, KIA may have such a system, and there may be a wrong direction. If there is a good system, there will be some deficiencies. Catch the latter quickly In the long run, we need to be able to go stable.”

He continued, “If there are many good players and a lot of investment, the results will naturally follow. Existing players also have different performances depending on the environment. You have to see what kind of environment they provide. At the meeting, I felt that a bold investment was prepared. Existing players “Many teams only talk about rebuilding, but it doesn’t suit KIA. The more prestigious the fan base is, the more it needs to be managed in a way that can nurture results and players.”


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