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Jarle Bernhoft opened: – We have a real chat about it

– I had a bad conscience, and it crashed quite well when I was 40. Which I managed to deaf to play more guitar. Then there was a big accident when I was a couple and forty. Then I had to go to NAV and just wanted to solve crossword puzzles, Jarle Bernhoft says in Kamille’s podcast. “The sum of the sum”.

– I have reported illness since I have my own AS. I am both an employee and an employer. I was in no hurry to give up or take a break. I went. But I felt that there was a lot of riding, without coming down on the other side of the bend, says Jarle.

The prelude to this year’s forty-year crisis is that Jarle should try to combine a life as a new father of two with his career as a musician. He and his wife Lisa already have a son, Samuel, and life with two children reverses the burden for the busy couple.

Jarle Bernhoft (45)

Vocalists and composers

Known in the band Span and later solo career

Originally from Nittedal, he lives in Oslo

He is married to Lisa Bernhoft-Sjødin, the sons of Samuel and Benjamin

– I felt like probably every new parent does. “What have I done with all the time I’ve had before? Because there’s nothing left!” I felt like I was still walking and tired and had to go to bed in nine and a half hours to take care of her. At least when I started pulling, I had a constant feeling of having to drive a car, but then you got too tired, Jarle laughed.

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But the role of the parent also brought with it many positive things.

– The songs got better, and there was a better focus on just about everything I was doing at the time, the 45-year-old says.

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The son enters the studio

It was 2017 that Jarle became the father again to his son Benjamin. During this period, Jarle had to combine the roles of father of toddler with musician. She wanted to be an active father, and Lisa had to find a job. So the solution was to bring newborn Benjamin into the studio.

– He was almost more in the studio than at home in that period. I have a reputation for being good at multitasking, but there are probably no very good people in focusing on many things at once, says host Kjersti Kvam and psychologist Ragnhild Bang Nes in the podcast.

It was not a given that the two would have more children after their son Samuel was born. Lisa brought him to the field.

– What was important to me was the cat that Lisa and I had. That was quite heavy and difficult. But then I realized that she wanted more kids. But then he waited until I was ready to listen to him before he talked about it. And I think she was so beautiful then.

Listen to the podcast “Summa Summarum” here.

JARLE BERNHOFT: Jarle Bernhoft is known in the band Span and later as a solo artist. Today she works as a singer and songwriter.
Photo: Sony Music

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There was no driving

GUITAR'S SON: In 2019, Jarle posted a picture of his son as he sat on a potty and guitar on Instagram.
GUITAR’S SON: In 2019, Jarle posted a picture of his son as he sat on a potty and guitar on Instagram.
Photo: Instagram

Jarle says a “semi-active” relationship that he didn’t want more kids.

– I did not say to myself that “there will be no more”. But I had no drive. Then we had to make a good talk about it, because it has something to say for form and career, says Jarle and elaborate;

– When you have two, you can take one each. So then I had to “step up my dad’s game”. I felt like a good father, but I had to ride in terms of time. And that’s why it’s extra adult. Because you fulfill their will and back off on your own work. I don’t know if I’m a workaholic, but I really, really like to go and play concerts then!

Jarle had to make a choice that did not initially fit into the musician’s life, and that went against his youthful dreams.

– It was hard work, because I couldn’t meet the music requirements either. And it pays to do good things and make good records. Sometimes it’s a full-time job, says the musician who sang the “Call Out Kids” tribute song for his boy.

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Love motorcycles

Jarle Bernhoft has found the solution to his 40-year crisis – riding a motorcycle. A wonderful experience, according to the musician.

– I took the note at the age of 42 and it smells like midlife crisis. But really! The best way out of the midlife crisis is on two wheels.

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Run in turn, and force g to push you down. Comes out of the turn and feels a little lighter. It’s a nice feeling. You get it on both downhill skiing and motorcycles. You can’t get it by car!

Even though Jarle created AS to get pension points, he doesn’t really think he’s going to retire. What I am doing is so little regulated by the state and municipalities. He still thinks you should settle the situation when you are 50 years old.

– I imagine that people in their 50s should turn on a tap and sit in an office and think “what have I done with my life”.

You can listen to Kamille Summa Summarum podcast here.

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