Jaume Sisa is transformed into a character of the comic and the protagonist of a story


Jaume Sisa is the protagonist of a double publishing novel that arrives this June in the bookstores in the hands of Norma Editorial. On the one hand, writer Josep Maria Polls and illustrator Manu Ripoll publish Sisa. Galactic years, a comic that portrays the inner world of the singer-songwriter, featuring his most prominent characters and alter ego, in a clear tribute to the Barcelona of the sixties and seventies.

In parallel, the children's and teen's seal of the publisher, Astronave, published the story Thursday From the sadness we will make smoke, written by screenwriter Cristina Broquetas with illustrations by Cristina Bueno and the collaboration of Sisa himself. The story adapts the welcoming message of the song's famous singer "to transmit to the youngest the importance of hosting and helping those who need it most".

Sisa. Galactic years, which will arrive on June 21 in bookstores, is a comic book that will immerse the reader in the particular universe ("galactic") by Jaume Sisa, making appear some of the characters that the musician has been creating over the years , as well as his alter ego Ricardo Solfa, among others. It is also the portrait of a time when music was synonymous with liberation, discovery and denunciation. A tribute to the Barcelona of the sixties and seventies in which his most prominent figures appear, and which includes a "playlist" with all the essential songs of those years. The work is published in Catalan and Spanish and offers the vision of Sisa about the world, music, their complementary personalities and the outstanding moments of their career.

From the sadness we will make smoke, published by the children's label of Norma Editorial, Astronave, was published last Thursday. The publisher commissioned the scriptwriter of series of animation and children's programs and writer Cristina Broquetas a work inspired by the song Any night can sunrise.

The challenge was to adapt the song to project the children a "welcoming and welcoming message" towards refugees, but without falling into literality, explains the author of the book. In complicity with Sisa himself, this book imagines how the singer's character prepares a party full of food, music and surprises but for which he has no guests.

Finally, to solve this problem, they decide to invite boys and girls from all over the world harmed by wars and natural disasters, which they will try to make feel at home.

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