Javier Moll: «We start a new era with new ideas and projects»


Javier Moll, president of Prensa Ibérica, group to which it belongs Diary of Girona, visited the facilities of the Zeta Group in Madrid on Friday to find out about its staff and the work it carries out. Within the round that Moll, his wife and vice president, Arantza Sarasola; the Managing Director, Aitor Moll; the general director, Sergi Guillot; the general director of Cabinet of Presidency and Institutional Relations, Irene Lanzaco; The general director of Institutional Relations, Carmelo Calvo, and several of its executives are carrying out by all the head of the group that they have just acquired, went through the capital to meet with, among others, the members of the delegation of El Periódico de Catalunya that work there «Madrid is a core of information generation and, as the capital, the headquarters of the Central Administration and many large companies, so it is a priority place for our group», said Moll.

«The Delegation in Madrid d ' El Periódico de Catalunya It develops an essential task to feed and energize this flow of news that originates from here. Just look at the first page of El Periódico Every day to check how important it is to have first hand sources in the coverage of national news, "added the editor.



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