Jean Dujardin recounts his meeting with his wife and his love at first sight

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The actor is still in love and it’s beautiful to see.

It’s a story that Jean Dujardin loves to tell, the way he met his current wife. On the set of the new part of OSS 117, Red alert in black Africa, the actor indulged in some confidences with the novelist David Foenkinos. ” What he tells me that evening, he has already mentioned elsewhere. See Nathalie Péchalat one day on television, and understand that it is her; do everything to meet her and tell her about this madness of obvious love “, relates the novelist who came to report on the occasion of the film’s next release.

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He would have explained to her that he would have given up everything in 2014 to join her in Tokyo after seeing her on television during the world figure skating championship. The actor would have even admitted that he had been directly charmed, a real virtual love at first sight therefore. Things have turned out well between them two, since four years after their meeting the couple got married and gave birth to their first child, Jeanne.

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