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Jean-Pierre Darroussin retropedale on Polanski – Le Point

He wanted to make people laugh, but his joke fell flat … This is, roughly, the explanation of Jean-Pierre Darroussin on his strange attitude during the presentation of the prize for the best adaptation to Roman Polanski, the evening of the Cesars. We remember that he surprised everyone by stammering and then debaring the name of the filmmaker after opening the envelope, as if to avoid having to pronounce his surname facing the camera. Many saw it as a clear position of the actor of the Men’s heart, as if to mark his disagreement with a price that Polanski would have usurped in the midst of movement # MeToo… Attracting suddenly a volley of critics, like those of actor Patrick Chesnais, disgusted by the director’s live lynching: “I am collapsed and revolted by the pathetic and nauseating performances of Foresti and Darroussin who voluntarily flayed the name of Roman Polanski on the stage of the Caesars, they discredited themselves forever… ”

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It’s silly

“It is very clumsy on my part”, explains Jean-Pierre Darroussin afterwards in a text published on the site of the cultural magazine Defector. He tells how he ended up there, called by the Caesars to give an award, while everyone was parading … “I was a little surprised, it has been 10 years since they called me for the Caesar … They tell me that nobody wants to come, that everyone is scared. I say to myself that I have nothing to fear and I accept the invitation. On the spot, the tension is extreme, he goes up on stage, unhooks the envelope and sees the name of Polanski written. “And there, it is silly, it is silly, instinctively I think of getting out of it by a pirouette and I tell myself that I am going to do the sketch of the small-mouthed frog,” he says. I make the little mouth. At that time, no one measured the meaning that this joke was going to take. I mock myself, wanting to show my awkward position. “

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A somewhat convoluted explanation, the joke of the frog is not really obvious to perceive that evening on stage… Darroussin, without really apologizing, recognizes all the same a fault and swears that he did not “ sought to humiliate Polanski “: even if” the man may not have a clear conscience “, according to him he remains” a cinema genius “. And to cut short any controversy, he also specifies that he is not anti-Semitic. “The mother of my two daughters is Jewish,” he explains in his gallery. And so, my daughters are Jewish. “

Things being said on Polanski, the actor also spares feminists, no doubt to avoid being accused this time of having turned over his jacket … “I am obviously also totally in solidarity with the fight of women, I am ready to demonstrate by their side, explains the actor. Rapists must be condemned, the world is changing and it’s very healthy (…) The #MeToo movement is necessary. But you have to be tall, you can’t mix everything. What to please everyone this time …

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