Jeanne Cherhal enters the quarantine with elegance


The emotions of a 40 year old woman. This is what singer Jeanne Cherhal tells in her fifth album titled The year 40. To record, she preferred the hills of Hollywood (United States) to those of Belleville (Paris), her stronghold. The journalists of France 3 had met her in this 20th district of Paris ten years before, at the beginning of a promising career.

Piano virtuoso, it is on William Sheller's melodies that the composer first worked on her approach to music. "It spoke to me at a crazy point and I wanted to know how to play the songs, I really made a note to note", she said in 2008. Modest and always personal in her texts, Jeanne Cherhal approaches the quarantine on melodies always inspired.

The year 40, by Jeanne Cherhal, was released on September 20th.

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