Jeff Bezos sells his shares on Amazon for Rp.44.95 trillion, for what?

NEW YORK, – CEO Amazon Jeff Bezos This week it sold more than US $ 3.1 billion worth of shares or around Rp. 44.95 trillion (exchange rate Rp. 14,500).

Quoted from CNBC, Thursday (6/8/2020) that the plan to sell shares is known based on Securities and Exchange Commission documents compiled by OpenInsider.

Previously, Bezos also recently sold his stake in Amazon for 4.1 billion US dollars earlier this year. With sales made this week, Bezos has sold his Amazon stake for $ 7.2 trillion.

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However, he still owns more than 54 million shares, or a value of 170 billion US dollars. This still makes Bezos hold the position of the richest human being in the world.

In comparison, in 2019, Bezos also sold $ 2.8 billion in Amazon stock. He also previously said he would sell about 1 billion US dollars in Amazon stock per year to fund his space exploration company, Blue Origin.

As for the Amazon representative, he did not provide any information on the stock sale that Bezos has done this week.

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For information, last week, Amazon has reported the results of the company’s performance in the second quarter.

The realization of Amazon’s performance also exceeded analysts’ expectations due to the corona virus pandemic making people increase online shopping activities.

Meanwhile, during the year Amazon’s shares have soared to 73 percent, including the 2.1 percent jump in stock prices that occurred on Wednesday (5/8/2020).

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