Jeffrey Epstein's Death: 2 Wearing Trials Through Checking and Falsified Records


Both staff members looking after the prison unit where Jeffrey Epstein killed himself asleep and failed to check him for about three hours, then he falsified records to cover their mistake, according to a number of law enforcement officers and prison officers who were familiar with the matter.

This announcement announced Tuesday when both employees were placed on administrative leave and the prison warden, the City Correction Center in Manhattan, was temporarily reassigned, pending the outcome of the investigation into the death of Mr Epstein, The Department of Justice announced.

Both staff members in the special housing unit where Mr Epstein – 9 South – was recorded falsely in a log that they checked the financiers, who were facing sexual trafficking charges, every 30 minutes, as required, the officials said . Such false entries in an official log may constitute a criminal offense.

Indeed, the two defenders of Mr Epstein were asleep for three or three hours, and three officials said.

James Petrucci, the warden at a federal prison in Otisville, N.Y., was named as an active steward of Manhattan prison, officials said.

Some union leaders showed prison workers dissatisfaction with Mr Barr's decision to let the warden continue to work, even as the two staff members were on leave.

“It makes me angry that they reassigned the warden,” said Jose Rojas, a prisoner workshop officer and a teacher at Coleman prison complex. Sumterville, Fla. “They did not take administrative leave as the others did. The supervisor made a call to take Epstein out of a suicide watch and to remove his cull of cells. That is indifferent. ”

From Saturday, Mr Barr has always given him information on the inquiries into the death of Mr Epstein.

In addition to the investigations carried out by the Department of Justice, the general inspector and the FDI, two further reviews of Mr Epstein's death were ongoing, an official from the Department of Justice said.

A team of psychologists from the Prison Bureau visited Manhattan prison on Tuesday to review all stages of Mr Epstein's decision to remove a suicide watch.

On Wednesday, it is planned that a “post-activity team” – led by the South East bureau's regional director – will be at the prison to determine whether the employees and officials continued protocols in the days and weeks before Mr Epstein died, t said the official.

Mr Epstein's death is a major criticism of Republican and Democratic makers.

On Monday, the chairman and member of the House of Justice Judicial Committee sent a letter to the acting director of the Bureau of Prisons, Hugh Hurwitzclaiming answers about how Mr Epstein could be unsupervised long enough to take his own life.

The letter stated that the apparent suicide of Mr Epstein brought to light “miscarriage” or omissions in how prisoners are managed at the prison and that the deceased was “allowed to address the matter”. justice in the end. ” t

It was signed by the Representatives Jerrold Nadler, New York Democrat, and Doug Collins, Republican from Georgia.

Mr Nadler and Mr Collins claimed that the Prison Bureau would provide any details of Mr Epstein's mental health assessments and his housing, as well as the bureau's protocols for dealing with prisoners considered to be at risk of suicide.

They also asked to be told how Mr Epstein was being monitored and what the surveillance cameras could record in or close to Mr Epstein's cell.

At the same time, Senator Ben Sasse, Nebraska Republican, urged the Senate Deciding Committee, Mr Barr on Tuesday to reach agreement with federal prosecutors in Florida who had reached Mr Epstein in 2008. not only protect him but also other colleagues who may have helped him to attract teenage girls into prostitution.

“The crooked fight can not stand,” Mr Sasse said in his letter.

William K. Rashbaum and Christina Goldbaum reported.


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