Jennifer Aniston’s face looks different when she appears at the 2020 Emmy Awards

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Awards event The prestigious 2020 Emmy Awards is taking place at the Staples Center, Los Angeles, United States, today or Sunday (20/9).

Jimmy Kimel-led event this time held differently from previous years.

Emmy Awards 2020 is organized on a regular basis online or virtual because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the event, the public was apparently observant about talking about their faces as well the performers of the artists that appear virtually.

One of the concerns is Jennifer Aniston. The public saw that his face looks different so difficult for the public to recognize.

“Some are direct guess that he’s Jen since he appeared ?,“asked a netizen in the Instagram People upload comment column.

“Why is Jennifer seen very different?, “replied another.

In the video uploaded by the Instagram account People, seems like 51 year old actress face it was very different from usual.


The face of Brad Pitt’s ex-wife looks so swollen that the public says that she is doing it filler and botox treatments.

“Lol! Too much filler Aniston!, “said the netizen.

“Does Jen Aniston do fillers on her lips?, “said another.

It certainly becomes question because Jennifer has often said that she refuses botox, fillers and plastic surgery.

Jen argues that injections and plastic surgery it is of no use.

“Women will start to lose perspective and see injections and plastic surgery as normal. If so it will be difficult break the habit that, “he snapped.

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