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Jennifer Aniston’s Five Style Rules

We don’t know what you think about it, but from JAN editors we know for sure: we can learn a lot from Jennifer Aniston when it comes to fashion. Because honestly, you need a little knowledge and skills to turn a very simple outfit into something stylish. And let Jennifer Aniston shine in that; the charm of simplicity. JAN found and which key items he manages to do this, and which style rules he only ignores in very exceptional cases.

Jennifer Aniston’s five most important style rules:

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High rise jeans require a cropped blazer

My Jewel – Cropped Blazer


Leather is not just for jackets and bags


A turtleneck sweater is always worth the investment

The attentive viewer has already spotted two turtle neck, but these were certainly not the only times the actress went for a teaser. One of his key items is undoubtedly the turtleneck sweater.

Christian Berg – blue dark turtleneck sweater


Two colors in one outfit is more than enough (but jewelry is allowed)

It’s something Parisiennes have sworn by for years, and Jennifer Aniston also takes it very seriously. This actress is rarely generous with color combinations; white pants, black blazer and there you goYour outfit doesn’t need more shade. Want to make the outfit a little more interesting? more what gold jewelry (like the link bracelet Aniston is wearing here), but of course the eternal credo also applies to this less is more.

Tilly Sveaas – Gold Link Bracelet


Always match your bag with your shoes

It should be clear: Jennifer Aniston sees charm in simplicity. A handy trick to create unity in your outfit and keep it nice and simple, is to make sure that your bag is the same color as your shoes (and preferably also the same color as your belt). Black bag? Then no brown boots, Jennifer Aniston thinks. And since everyone has a pair of black boots or loafers somewhere, JAN is delighted to recommend a black bag that Aniston would no doubt approve of.

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