Jennifer Lopez wears her leggings outside the gym

    Leggings are the kind of clothes that you either love or hate, but in the end we all have some in the closet. Some only use them for the gym, to go shopping or for everyday tasks, but others dare to integrate them into all kinds of looks without any problem and with great success as well. There are celebrities who master them perfectly, such as Dakota Johnson that wears them very often or also the model Irina Shayk that couples them to their ‘street style’.

    Another star who also knows how to wear leggings in all kinds of situations is Jennifer Lopez. Of course she chooses them when going to the gym, but also in daytime outfits like the latter. The singer has attended a meal with friends on the terrace of a restaurant in New York and has done so with a styling in a monochrome key in black but with a sporty air that we think is a source of inspiration and a way to show that leggings They are also for this type of moment.

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    Jennifer Lopez with leggings


    JLo’s style

    JLo has combined a black ‘crop top’ knitted sweater and leggings of the same color and high waist that highlight her curves in a very flattering way. But without a doubt one of the fundamental keys is in its accessories.

    Here she has taken the opportunity to add touches of color in green first in her handbag, and later in her Nike boots in white, black and red. A mixture of style, comfort and sporty style that fits perfectly and that seems perfect for a relaxed date during the day.

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