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Jerome Boateng / FC Bayern: There is another crash with Karl-Heinz Rummenigge

Zoff at Bayern: There is another crash between Jerome Boateng and the bosses of Munich. This also causes problems for coach Hansi Flick.

  • Jerome Boateng builds with his Mercedes AMG in the Corona crisis* an accident 300 kilometers from Munich.
  • Of the FC Bayern Munich* then fined the world champion.
  • Between Boateng and it’s not the first time that Munich has crashed – to the dismay of Trainer Hansi Flick*.

Munich – It rumbles on Säbener Straße, a player from the FC Bayern squad* was noticed negatively. Actually, was the brother of Jerome Boateng known for escapades: Kevin-Prince Boateng.

“I was partying every night until six o’clock. I weighed about 95 kilos, fat from drinking and bad food, ”the older one told the Boateng-Brothers 2017 the English Guardian: “Now I know how bad it was. Six days a week in night clubs, drinking, for almost a year. I was only 20, so you don’t think anything could go wrong. I couldn’t play football, so I bought a Lamborghini. You are happy for a week, then you don’t even use it anymore. ”

Jerome Boateng: FC Bayern star builds accident on highway

Even his younger brother, Jerome Boateng, is known for a lot of luxury and a glamorous lifestyle today. The world champion, of course, has never been as extravagant as Kevin-Prince, who has now become more permanent and a family man.

And yet there is a crash between the 31-year-old central defender and his employer FC Bayern not for the first time.

Reminder: Tuesday was the Defense star with his white Mercedes AMG on the A9 motorway into a guardrail* crashed – or rather: on the guardrail. He founded his trip during the Corona crisis* more than 300 kilometers from Säbener Straße with a visit to his son Lemar near Leipzig.

Bayern Munich: World Champion Jerome Boateng causes trouble

However, he had not informed the German record champion about his trip. He missed cyber training – and was fined. Boateng if it weren’t for Boateng, he would let it sit on him.

“At that moment I only had my son in my head. His health was not good. If a son calls his father, then of course I still go, no matter what time, “said Boating
G of the image: “I want to see the father who does not leave in such a moment to be with his four-year-old son. If there is a punishment for it then it is respect. I think it’s sad. “

Not the best of friends: Board boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (left) and Jerome Boateng (Wed.) at Bayern.

© picture alliance / dpa / Justin Lane

The next quarrel between the former international and the double winner. Already in summer 2018 it had crashed properly – and not only there.

Jerome Boateng has wanted to leave Bayern several times

The defender absolutely wanted to leave Bayern at that time, agreed with Paris Saint-Germain and PSG coach Thomas Tuchel. Afterwards he freely said that in an interview. The native of Berlin looked annoyed about Bundesliga games. Because the FC Bayern had still vetoed it.

He is said to have been mad at the bosses. Before the 2018 World Cup Karl-Heinz Rummenigge explains that the defensive star will be let go after a certain pain limit – then the role backwards. In the mixed zone after games there Boateng hardly an interview since then – neither in the Allianz Arena* still out.

Bayern Munich: Uli Hoeneß handed out against Jerome Boateng

But he wasn’t always happy. As the Bavaria on May 18, 2019 with a 5-1 win against Eintracht Frankfurt to clear the German championship, he left the arena quite soon after the final whistle, while the colleagues cheered with thousands of fans inside.

When the Munich team made the double on Marienplatz eight days later Bundesliga-Title and DFB Cup victory celebrations were missing Boateng completely.

Even more: the former FCB President Uli Hoeneß dealt properly against him in TV interviews*: “At the moment it looks like a foreign body. I would recommend him as a friend to look for a new club. I think maybe it would be better for him to enjoy a different air. I would advise him FC Bayern to leave.”

Jerome Boateng: Again and again criticism from Karl-Heinz Rummenigge

Most was Boateng however target of criticism from Rummenigge. After the team lost a Champions League game at Russian club Rostov 2: 3 in November 2016 after poor performance, the chief executive put the world champion in the focus of his criticism: “I think it is striking that Jerome is a bit calm again must come. It’s been a little too much for me since last summer. It would be in the interests of him and the whole club if he came back a little bit back to earth. ”

Rummenigge is said to have displeased the lifestyle of his player, who traveled to the USA for events and sponsorship appointments more and more, brought out his own glasses collection and his own magazine. And who, especially in the United States, liked to show up with buddy and music producer Jay-Z. In short, Boateng was busy trying to market itself.

Bayern Munich: Jerome Boateng was mad at Karl-Heinz Rummenigge

Boateng reacted irritably to the boss scolding at that time, when visiting the fan club to say “back-to-earth”: “I can only laugh about that. The next time he can say that to my face. ”

The current argument is likely to be a trainer Hansi Flick come at a bad time. With a few exceptions, the veteran has been a regular again in recent months due to the misery in defense.

Now the defensive star is obviously angry once again – another argument for a final departure this summer.


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