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American actor Jesse Eisenberg does not have the reputation of being an easy customer. A little freak, limit nerd, he does not leave a good memory to all those who interviewed him. In 2010, Eisenberg played Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's boss, in The Social Network of David Fincher, the great figure of capitalism at the beginning of the XXIe century. Another evil character, he is Lex Luthor in 2016 in Batman vs Superman, an egomaniac machiavel and high-tech played to perfection. It is one of the characteristics of this actor apart, to have an angel's face and to personify the evil. So we meet the ball in the belly, in a walnut advertising space, on a beach beaten by the winds where it rains between the sun visors.

Eisenberg is rather good composition, responds to journalists under the drops, is moved as a pawn for interviews, poses for the photographer under the shower and remains friendly even if it looks a little speed, the body dotted small twists: "No problem, ask me what you want." The native of New York swallows his words, makes dense and intelligent sentences. Talking to a newspaper on the left touches a sore spot. "I come from a family of Marxists, you know, Jewish socialists." He recently buried his grandmother and the family discovered roots in Moldova, Austria, Romania, Poland …

He's in Cannes for Vivarium from the Irishman Lorcan Finnegan, a dystopia about traditional family life. "I read a lot of scripts that were happening in dystopian universes in recent years. I analyze this avalanche of fiction as a reaction to political changes in the world. " Vivarium tells a nightmare version of adulthood: finding a house, having a child, making a marriage last … Jesse Eisenberg, 35, recently had a child with actress Anna Strout, whose mother works for The Middle Way House , an association helping abused women. He does not have much time to write his novels and plays. As we speak, Susan Sarandon plays a play he has written.

His father is a sociologist and Eisenberg learned from his mother, who tuned his guitar every morning to go to the clown in birthday snacks, to take art seriously. Funny bird, he did not see Vivarium and usually watch few movies: "I only like 1 or 2% of what I do. The rest embarrasses me a lot, it's like with your vacation photos, you only remember one or two. " Kind of mini Woody Allen – he played for him – he's the kind of guy who packs girls with a deep blue look, and brown curls: "I have the loyal guy's head." If Jesse Eisenberg wins the piece, it is certainly not for his bike.

Clémentine Mercier


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