Saturday, 19 Jan 2019

Jimmy G’s Pornstar Date is the greatest story ever

This is not my virtue mark. That's not me begging to be called. This is not about me.

This is about the weird Jimmy Garoppolo thing that happened this week – not that he had a date with a pornstar, but that two singles hosting a date became a huge story.

Garoppolo's date with Kiara Mia – an actress 14 years his senior – raised questions about his judgment and jokes that she could "do better". At best it's weird, but it's probably worse than that.

As long as everything is legal and no one cheats, I do not care which celebrities count on which celebrities. I do not care that the pretty perfect Scarlett Johansson is with the thoroughly average Colin Jost. The heart wants what it wants, even if it wants Colin Jost for some reason. One person becomes prettier or richer or older or younger than the other. I do not care at all.

But boy, oh boy, take care of other people !!!!

Now I just used a tweet from Britt McHenry because this Dumbass take seems to be shared by many people , Maybe someone in Jimmy G.'s camp said that. There are stupid people in every camp and this person would be one of them. "People say" is not the same as "people make sense".

But you can be stupid and harmless. This is not the latter. It's a slut – shameful – and, to a degree, shaming the body – so that the people who claim to be on some sort of moral heights actually turn out to be superficial.

This became a news story because someone took a picture of the couple when they were eating, then people went on Mia's Instagram and put the rest together. For Garoppolo he went in his free time on a date, seemed to do nothing wrong and was on the news.

When seen with a porn actress – which is a completely legal profession – sponsorship costs him, as CBS Sacramento wonders that they are potential sponsors to overestimate that. On the other hand, everybody does it for some reason.

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