Jinek viewers praise Bibian Mentel: ‘An insane person’

“I really want to make more beautiful memories,” said the snowboarder candidly. After being hit by cancer thirteen times, Bibian was followed for her documentary LIVE. In this she wants to show that she is still combative and ‘dances with death’. “I want there to be a limit to my grief. We always say, cry and then it’s okay again. I hope it’s inspiring others who are in such a situation,” she explains. And not only Eva Jinek fought back tears when Bibian told her story.

Bibian’s performance is highly praised by viewers Jinek. One calls her an ‘insane person’, while the other argues that a word should be named after her. ‘For her alone, the word mentality should already be transformed into mentality. What a fantastic person ‘, it sounds on Twitter. ‘If you go to Jinek you don’t dare to complain about a few restrictions that have been imposed on us. Deep admiration and respect ‘, says a third. Another thinks she is ‘the most inspiring woman I have ever encountered on Dutch TV’.

It is surprisingly well with Bibian. In the video below she explains why she is ‘a happy person’.

Look here the delivery of Jinek with Bibian Mentel back.

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