JK Rowling falls back on the transphobic label for her latest book

This 2020 is being one of the worst years for JK Rowling (as far as controversies are concerned) with total certainty. After last June the British writer, known for her novels by Harry Potter, outside accused of trasnfobia
by thousands of network users as a result of messages differentiating women born with female organs from those who are not, now he is once again facing the label of insensitive to the collective for his latest novel.

Troubled Blood (Disturbed Blood), which opens this Tuesday, is the fifth part of the saga about the researcher Cormoran Strike, published with the nickname Robert Galbraith. Due to the repercussion of the series of novels since it already has its own adaptation as an HBO series, in the last hours The Telegraph has published a review as a preview that has angered many fans by what it reveals about the plot and its villain, a trans person.

The writer JK Rowling, after joining the select group of the British Monarchy (Reuters)

According to what the piece of the aforementioned British media collects, the villain of JK Rowling’s new fiction in her latest work is described as “a serial killer who dresses as a woman to take advantage of his victims” and the moral would be that “You should never trust a man dressed as a woman.”

Given these words of the critic Jake Kerridge summarizing the book in his review, all those outraged by the position of the writer three months ago and by the previous controversy on the same topic in 2019 They have been even more critical and have made a very clear appeal on social media.

JK Rowling's latest book, 'Troubled Blood,' is out today

JK Rowling’s latest book ‘Troubled Blood’ went on sale today (PETER NICHOLLS / Reuters)

Hand in hand with Hashtag #RIPJKRowling (May JKRowling rest in peace), which has made the most clueless think that the writer had died, a large number of social media profiles have asked to cancel and boycott the author’s work. Harry Potter with messages ensuring that, although Rowling is still alive, her career is “dead” because of the ideas reflected in the book.

At the moment, neither the author nor her representatives or the publisher have wanted to comment on the accusations about Troubled Blood, although it could be a matter of hours or days taking into account the previous controversy, which was stopped by JK Rowling herself.

JK Rowling at the premiere of the latest film 'Fantastic Creatures and where to find them'

JK Rowling at the premiere of the latest film of ‘Fantastic Creatures and where to find them’ (Christophe Ena / AP)

In June of this year, after claiming about a better post-Covid future for women specifying that she only referred to all “those who menstruate” with that word, the British writer published an explanatory essay of more than 4,000 words clarifying her position and confessing some of her concerns regarding trans people.

“I want trans women to be safe. At the same time, I don’t want girls and women who are born as women to be less secure. When you open the bathroom and changing room doors to any man who believes or feels he is a woman (and, as I said, gender confirmation certificates can now be awarded without the need for surgery or hormones), you open the door to everyone. and each of the men who wish to enter. That is the simple truth, “said the writer in that message, implying that her position had to do with avoiding possible sexual assaults.

JK Rowling poses with a copy of 'Harry Potter'

JK Rowling poses with a copy of ‘Harry Potter’ (BBC One)

In the same text, the author referred to her own experience with sexual abuse and domestic violence as the driving force behind his concern on the subject, something that did not reduce the criticism that continued to come to him for his words for weeks and that have now been reactivated.

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