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Joanna Opozda showed a piece of Vincent’s face. Ala cheri! Mother picture

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Joanna Opozda it is freshly cooked mother you Vincent. The actress is great in her new role and you can see that her parents give her a lot of fun. Although she tries to protect the child’s daily privacy, she posts photos with her son on social media from time to time. So far, he has shown shots in which the child’s face was not visible, but now he has shown a bit more.

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Joanna Opozda: My appearance took a back seat. The most important thing is the health of the baby

Joanna Opozda showed a new picture of Vincent

Joanna Opozda posted a new picture of Vincent in an Instagram report, where we can see a piece of the child’s face. The boy looked at the book with interest. Although photography has already disappeared from social media, it must be admitted that Vini is growing fast.

son of Joanna Opozda instagram.com/@asiaopozda

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Joanna Opozda on my son: Vincent is a night owl, he loves to stomp and scream

During the closing gala Mastercard Off Camera 2022, Joanna Opozda spoke about parenting for the first time. In the last interview, she explained how she feels about being a freshman mother. The last few weeks have been difficult for her due to the family situation and the conflict with her husband. Fortunately, Vincent is calm little babythat can sleep up to four hours at night, which is why Opozda has definitely more energy and willingness to live. Like all young children, sometimes she also shows “horns” and the actress faces the real face of the parent.

Vincent is a night owl, he loves to sting and scream, especially at night. He falls asleep late, but when he falls asleep, he can sleep for four hours. Very good for a two month old baby, as I have heard some babies wake up every two hours.

– revealed Joanna Opozda.

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