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Jobs: the resumption of home sales

“In May 2015, my neighbor invited me to her house to introduce me to cosmetic products. I went there out of politeness, ”says Aurélie Michel. In the living room, four women attend the presentation of the benefits of creams and other serums.

Aurélie only listens with one ear. She still buys a cream to reduce bags under the eyes. We never know. A few weeks later, satisfied with the product, she reminds her neighbor: “You have to tell me! “

The latter explains that she is an independent home salesperson (VDI) in addition to her work in events. It only takes 30 to 40% of his time but provides him with a good additional income.

She earns commissions on her sales and on those made by the network of sellers that she brought into the adventure. It is independent and organized as it wishes. Aurélie is all ears.

Independent saleswoman in a few clicks

She already has two fascinating occupations – she runs her communication agency and occasionally writes articles in the cultural field – but which pay poorly. “There is a meeting soon between sellers. You just have to come and ask them your questions, ”invites his neighbor.

Aurélie goes there. A few days later, she connects to the Urssaf site, becomes an independent home seller in a few clicks, and signs her contract with the cosmetics brand.

The company has no store or online sales site, it is all about meeting sales. Many make this choice. Paradoxically, it was the rise of e-commerce that brought the famous “Tupperware meetings” back into fashion.

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“On the Internet, competition is fierce, companies are struggling to retain customers. Conversely, meeting sales show a high loyalty rate: after a first purchase, 80% of customers continue to acquire the products, ”explains Jacques Cosnefroy, general delegate of the Federation of Direct Selling (FVD).

4.6 billion euros in turnover

“And we have a profitability rate of 15% because the prices are not cut, we focus on the quality of the articles and word of mouth,” he continues.

According to the latest figures from the FVD, in 2018, the sector generated 4.6 billion euros in turnover, i.e. + 3% in one year. It has 700,000 VDIs, which is 6,915 more than in 2017. 80% of them, like Aurélie, are departing from customers and have no commercial experience.

Therefore, before organizing their first meeting, they are trained in the products and techniques of the trade. Since companies cannot impose goals or timetables on them, they motivate them with seminars, challenges with the election of the best sellers.

“At first, I was doing this between two freelancers and missions for my box. My family and friends were my first audience. In the 3rd month, this activity brought me 1000 euros, ”explains Aurélie. It becomes “ruby”, according to the terminology of the company classifying the sellers according to their income.

Today, it is on the way to becoming a “diamond”. Having earned more than 19,000 euros per year over the past 3 years, she will quit VDI status, as is the rule, and register as an independent commercial agent in the special register of commercial agents.

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For further

To read : “Direct sale for Dummies” by Chloé Lavie, Editions First, 2016, 368 pages, 11.95 euros.

“Become a direct selling superstar”, by Mary Christensen, Editions Un monde different, 2015, 272 pages, 22 euros.

Web sites : the job vacancies platform in the sector Objectif VDI – The universe of Direct Selling. ; the Federation of direct sales on the FDV website ; the National Syndicate of Outdoor Sales on their SNVE site.

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