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Joe Biden wants to end trade conflict with the EU

Dhe democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden according to his advisor Tony Blinken would end the trade conflict between the United States and the EU. “The EU is the largest market in the world, we have to improve our economic relations,” said Blinken, who advises Biden on foreign policy issues. at a virtual Chamber of Commerce event. “And I think we have to end an artificial trade war that the Trump administration started.”

Under the Republican President Donald Trump, the trade conflict between America and the ME escalated. Trump introduced special tariffs on steel and aluminum imports because he considers the export surplus of the EU countries to the United States to be unfair and dangerous for the security of his country. The EU responded with retaliatory tariffs on American products. Trump has repeatedly threatened punitive tariffs for car imports from the EU, which would particularly affect German manufacturers.

Scope for more trade

Biden opposes the election on November 3rd Trump on. Blinken said on Tuesday that there was “ample scope” for increased trade between America and the EU. He criticized, however, that there was “a growing imbalance in the trade in agricultural goods due to rules that prevent us from selling goods where we are very competitive”.

In view of the tension, the EU Commission deputy had Valdis Dombrovskis Last week, we urged America to work together. The EU and America need to work closely to ensure the global economy recovers, he said. In the future, Dombrovskis will also be responsible for EU trade policy as the successor to the resigned Phil Hogan.


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