Joe Biden Will Announce Cabinet Next Week

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

President of the United States is elected Joe Biden accelerated cabinet elections and plans to announce them next week.

The plan was disclosed by a US official and as part of an effort to show that Biden is moving ahead even as Donald Trump has grown increasingly bold in sabotaging the election results.

On Thursday, Biden said he had made his choice for the position of finance minister, but officials said he had also established other important positions. Some of these are expected to be announced before Thanksgiving.

Reported CNN, Friday (20/11), an official said that the first introductions of members of the Biden Cabinet are expected to take place on Monday and Tuesday.

Federal Reserve Board of Governors member Lael Brainard is seen as the leading candidate to head the Treasury Department.

If elected, she will be the first female financial secretary. This move will help Biden fulfill his promise to fill a cabinet with diverse members.

But three officials close to Biden’s transition team declined to comment on whether Brainard was a last resort.

They say it’s a closely guarded decision the president-elect will most likely reveal after Thanksgiving.

Previously, Biden had spoken with advisers to take a much slower approach, but Trump’s stance has motivated him to move on without delay.

“There is a desire to convey that we are commanding, operating and regulating,” said one official, referring to the urgency facing Biden’s team over Trump’s behavior.

Biden himself has interviewed prospective cabinet members virtually, with one or two exceptions, as he has had to take serious steps to safeguard his health in light of the rising cases of coronavirus in the US

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