Joe Manganiello shares a new look as Deathstroke in the Snyder Cut for a good cause

For a cause of solidarity, Joe Manganiello has shared a new image of Deathstroke in the Snyder Cut of Justice League.

Little by little, but without pause, we are seeing new details of the Snyder Cut from League of Justice. Last spring, Warner Media gave the green light to Zack Snyder for his original version of Justice League to see the light. The director had to abandon the production of the 2017 film due to a family tragedy. Joss Whedon He took over the helm and made a multitude of changes, making the film look nothing like the material Snyder had prepared.

Additional new scenes are currently being filmed for the Justice League Snyder Cut, which will arrive in 2021 at HBO Max in serial format. Warner has disbursed an additional $ 70 million for Snyder to complete the project.

One of the villains we hope to see a lot more is the Deathstroke from Joe Manganiello, whom we saw very briefly in the version released in theaters in 2017. The actor has shared a new image for a solidarity cause through his social networks.

You can now sign up for Disney + in Spain. It has a vast catalog of movies and series, including all those from Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

On his Twitter profile, Joe Manganiello has shared the image of Deathstroke in the Snyder Cut from Justice League. Taking advantage of the hype generated this week by the new trailer of the Snyder Cut, Manganiello has echoed with this photograph to give visibility to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, whom several members of the Snyder Cut team are supporting through a fundraiser.

Meanwhile, we will wait patiently for an official release date for the Snyder Cut from Justice League on HBO Max (and HBO in Spain).


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