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Joe Rogan says it will help Roseanne Barr start a podcast

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Comedian and podcast Joe Rogan said he will help Roseanne Barr create her podcast.

The former wretched comedian TV star was a guest of Rogan’s podcast on Wednesday, for the second time, having also appeared on the show last year, where she complained about being kicked out of her show Roseanne, apologized to those whose lives made it more difficult because of his actions and expressed his various political views.

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Rogan, whose podcast Joe Rogan’s experience he is immensely popular, he has encouraged Barr to start his show numerous times. When she complained that she wasn’t sure how to get started, Rogan devoted himself to helping out.

“Roseanne, you need a goddamn podcast. Your podcast would be a monster, “Rogan told her.

“I know, Joe! I’m trying to get it, but people don’t know what to tell me to do!” She shouted.

“Well, I can help you,” he replied.

“I told you, I need someone to tell me what to do,” he replied.

“You’re in the right place,” he assured her.

“Damn it! Because I really need to tell people what’s going on and they don’t even know it,” added Barr. “But I know, because I did the reading for them, and I mean, this is just a social experiment to see how far they can go, away from each other and away from any kind of possible power we could melt and say : “What a minute, guys don’t take more of our money on your fucking trips.” ”

Later in the episode, Rogan told her that “surely she could and should” have her show, and that she could put her in touch with people “who can make it plug and play, where it’s really easy.”

“The problem isn’t what you’re saying,” Rogan reassured her later, about the controversy in which she gets bogged down. “The problem is that people react to you, that’s the problem. Fools.”

The full episode follows.

Rogan also encouraged Barr to return to performing on his feet, which he said he could have done, but showed some hesitation, revealing that they told the studio chiefs that if he performs again and says something offensive, the replies of Roseanne it could be pulled out of the air, costing her a significant amount of money, which she says she now lives.

Rogan also recently defended Barr in another episode of his podcast saying that what she tweeted about Valerie Jarrett was not racist and claiming that she was targeted primarily for being a Trump supporter.

“What he tweeted was not racist,” said Rogan. “That lady looks like the lady from the Planet of the Apesand did not know that the lady was African American. But he’s a very small percentage of African, he looks very white, and that’s exactly what he said. “

“See how racist it is, though?” asked the comedian Bert Kreischer.

“Well, have you ever seen the images of his side by side? Dude, it’s like saying you don’t look like a gay bear. You know you look like a gay bear. ”

That episode follows, following the relevant exchange.


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