Johan Derksen throws mud at Frank and Rogier

Former Palace for a Prikkie duo Frank and Rogier were very popular with viewers until recently. Now the duo seems to be in dire straits. Johan Derksen takes it a step further and speaks out loud about the couple in Veronica Inside.

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“That young boy has something hysterical about it,” said Derksen. With ‘little boy’ he refers to Frank’s partner, Rogier, who is 28 years younger. Johan makes it clear: “I think that’s such a terrible guy.”

‘Falls on young boys’

Frank also gets mud from Derksen thrown at him. “That old man likes young boys”, the VI gentleman concludes. Rogier nevertheless remains the real irritation factor for Johan: “But I think that young guy is such a jerk.”

Quarrel Frank and Rogier

The couple declared war on each other last week. Rogier would have caught Frank making negative statements about his diva behavior behind his back. After this, Rogier was out for revenge. He made it clear that Frank pretends to be richer than he really is. read here about the course of the marriage crisis.

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