Johan Vlemmix, despite a call not to come, was early in The Hague for Prinsjesdag

In twenty years he has not missed a Budget Day. And Johan Vlemmix is ​​also present today. Despite the call from the municipality of The Hague to stay away because of the corona crisis, he will be at Noordeinde Palace early on Tuesday. “It is quiet,” says Johan with a sense of understatement.

“I’m going to make a report about Prinsjesdag now that there is no one in the city,” Vlemmix said earlier. “So it’s also a bit technical, but I secretly like that I’m there anyway.”

For the occasion, the ultimate orange fan has of course donned his inevitable orange suit. New in this corona era is the ‘corona bumper’ that he wears. With attached a miniature Golden Coach so that it is still present in The Hague this Tuesday.

After all, the original copy is not included due to restoration work. Last week it was already announced that the carriage will not return next year. The carriage is nowadays increasingly controversial, because of the so-called slave panel on the side.


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