John Carmack praises a feature of the Sony console

John Carmack, co-founder of ID Software and current Oculus Consulting CTO, expressed himself on the potential of PlayStation 5, focusing in particular on the speed of data transfer and on one feature in particular.

Carmack was especially impressed by the ability to transfer usable data from the GPU directly from the SSD to the GPU memory is “a great thing“, capable of helping the developers in their work. He does not share the idea that he would like such a solution also adaptable to the PC, bypassing the kernel buffer, although it is technically in this case it would be necessary to clash with the video card drivers. according to what was stated by Mark Cerny, the new SSD of PlayStation 5 will bring a bandwidth of 5.5 GB / s as a dowry, a value capable of increasing up to 8-9 GB / s effective thanks to hardware decoding, significantly speeding up loading times and reducing the work on the RAM.

Mark Cerny has already unveiled much of the PS5 technical specifications in March but according to various insiders there are still some surprises to be revealed. Sony appears to be planning a new PlayStation 5 presentation event in early June but it’s unclear if this appointment will be entirely dedicated to games or if there will also be room for hardware.

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