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“Johnny grabbed Amber by the hair and hit her in the face several times.”

Johnny Depp hit Amber Heard several times during an argument in March 2015, being held in their apartments – this is one of the highlights of Amber Heard’s sister’s testimony in court in the trial where the two judges tried each other .

Whitney Enriquez, Hurd’s sister, was called as a witness to confirm Amber’s allegations that her ex-husband had been abusing her for four years.

Depp’s trial in Fairfax, Virginia, sued his ex-wife. He was prosecuted for slandering his allegations of sexual abuse, including sexual harassment, during a brief marriage, and retaliation for violence against him.

Enriquez himself testified that he personally saw his sister and Depp shouting at each other during a family scandal, exchanging insults and obscene words.

According to his testimony, during this particular scandal in March 2015, he was also hit by the star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” when he tried to intervene. Hurd, in turn, hit her husband, shouting, “Don’t hit fucking my sister!” Depp’s bodyguards then intervened to break up the fighting couple.

“Johnny had already grabbed Amber by the hair with one hand and hit her several times in the face with the other while I was standing there,” says Enriquez.

According to him, the security guard separated the couple, and Enriquez led his sister to her room and locked the door. However, he heard Depp shout at Amber from the front: “I hate you! Hell, I hate you both! Damn bastard! Damn whore!”

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According to Whitney Enriquez, her ex-son-in-law Johnny Depp was a very “bright and energetic” person while he was moderate, but under the influence of alcohol and drugs he became very angry.

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This is the second time Hurd’s sister has testified in a lawsuit between the former couple, the first being in 2020 during the Depp’s case in Britain, where she called a British tabloid calling her a “wife-beat.” A British court then found that Depp had physically attacked Hurd in a number of cases.

The actor himself also testified in the current case, but his version of this particular scandal was quite different, and according to him he also suffered a blow to the face from his ex-wife.

Then a picture of his broken face was shown to the jury. In his story, he never mentioned Hurd or his sister.

Travis McGivern, the security guard who intervened in the break-up of their ex-spouse, also testified, and his story about the events of that night in March 2015 largely overlapped with the words of Johnny Depp.

However, Amber Heard’s testimony also speaks of a blow her ex-husband gave her sister, saying she was swinging at him to protect Enriquez. Then, according to his story, Johnny grabbed him by the neck and punched him in the face until his bodyguard tore them apart.

Now in court, Enriquez testified that the morning after the scandal, he and his sister discovered that Depp had spilled his rage on his wife’s wardrobe, spread his clothes all over the apartment and dumped some of them in the trash.

Whitney also told the court that she found on the table in the kitchen the documents left for her agreement for not disclosing information regarding the events of that night, that she said she never signed.

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From the witness, he stated that during Hurd’s relationship with Johnny Depp, his sister’s health and general well-being had deteriorated significantly.

Hernandez said that although Johnny was “bright” and “energetic” when he was moderate, the moments when he was under the influence of alcohol and drugs made him very angry and easy to offend.

“When he drank, he was very upset. He said really nasty and unpleasant things then, usually Amber, but sometimes to me,” Whitney said.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp's versions of marital violence continue to differ widely, but when viewed together, they portray a highly toxic picture of perhaps the worst Hollywood couple in decades.

Photo: BGNES

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s versions of marital violence continue to differ widely, but when viewed together, they portray a highly toxic picture of perhaps the worst Hollywood couple in decades.

He remembers that during a party in London, Depp was so upset that he threw a steak knife at his assistant, but fortunately missed it.

In another incident, that Enriquez told the court, described earlier by Hurd, the actor kept the pet dogs, a Yorkie breed, at the window of a moving vehicle, and in this case Depp was on . In another case, it was a joke that she was wearing or was about to put the dog in the microwave.

Earlier in the day, videos of Raquel Pennington and Joshua Drew, a couple who were friends of Hurd and who had recently lived in an apartment near Hurd and Depp, were shown together.

According to them, Hurd was harassed by his partner and they were afraid of him when he appeared with a ball on his face.

“Amber didn’t have much of a sense of self-preservation. I was worried about her safety that she (Depp) might accidentally do something worse than she intended,” Pennington said, referring to the condition of the actor under the influence of drugs and / or alcohol.

Her personal makeup artist Melanie Iglesias also testified via video links, explaining what makeup she had to use to cover her wounds in order to appear on the December 15, 2015 James Cordon show.

She says that when she came to the apartment of Acris and Depp to do her makeup, she saw her wounds – bruises under the eyes, a blowing nose and a cracked lip.

“We covered the balls with a slightly heavier concealer, which had a more peach color that I wouldn’t normally use on Amber, but the peach removes the balls, so I put it under her eyes,” he said. of.

They also used different lipstick on her lips, and Iglesias remembered to bet on red blood in this case to make sure it covered the wounds on her lips.

Depp’s attorneys have previously attacked Hurd for his role in Cordon’s broadcast, saying the recording showed no injuries to the actress.

The trial is set to end next week, ending the multi-million dollar battle between perhaps the most toxic Hollywood couple in decades.

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