Joining Wellness + Wines + Coaching is possible thanks to Ale Lopez

The young professional has spent years linking her 3 passions to wonderful results.

To learn more about the methodology, its scope and its benefits, we spoke with Ale Lopez.

How do you define yourself?

“I define myself as a person who throughout my life has been interested in research and well-being, I was part of MINDFULNESS (a program based on mindfulness to improve the quality of life of people is based on neurosciences), NLP ( Neurolinguistic programming known as NLP, is a set of models, techniques and resources intended to be applied in daily and professional life) and complementary therapies. Today, I continue to do so by supporting individuals, teams, and organizations to connect with their resources to achieve this well-being. I am also Coach and GefeB (Responsible for well-being and culture in organizations and society) ”.

How do you combine humor and coaching as a helpful tool?

“On this road to Wellness We have developed a format with Alejandro Korol, TV / radio producer, comedian and oenophile called COACHING & HUMOR that aims to incorporate and develop humor as an attitude towards life and a distinction of emotional intelligence ”.

How was the Wine + Wellness association created?

“Believe it or not, I have been fascinated by the world of wine for years and during my visit to some wineries I ended up studying Wine Consulting, and there I realized that wine and well-being have a lot in common and make a fascinating couple! “.

What this drink generated in people was remarkable, people were open to listen and learn more about the wines and their mystique. In addition, they remembered and evoked moments that nested in their minds and hearts in which wine had been the link in these encounters… that is, we continue to connect with well-being ”. .

What do you propose?

I propose to embark on a path to well-being together, to learn about wines, emotions, neurosciences and coaching, among others, through the methodology of Coaching in Qatar, created by the coach and sommelier Sabrina Curti to be able to approach the world of wine and connect it with personal and team development. It doesn’t matter if you know wine or coaching or not, what you need to fall in love with these universes is the desire to go beyond your beliefs, “beyond” what your senses normally perceive. take them to an intuitive and exhilarating level. and disruptive in the reality you perceive ”.

What do you invite us to with your ideas?

“I invite you to challenge your limits and go beyond what you already know to connect with the most important and essential in life.”

To contact Ale Lopez:

– I G: @ alelopezcoach1

– Mobile: 2613836193

– LinkedIn: Alejandra Estefania Lopez

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