August 23, 2019

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Joker Star says that Movies are Comic Book For Adult Adult's Adult N & # 39;

In the last decade of filmmaking, the superhero genre is the most popular and profitable in film making. Many studios are taking action with their own cineamata universe, leading to an abundance of comic book changes. Although "superhero fatigue" was afraid, certain projects were able to bring something unique to the table. Todd Phillips & # 39; Joker it's like one of those movies, but it seems that the actor Marc Maron is not a fan of the genre, or the fans who love him.

Marc Maron is probably his podcast WTF by Marc Maronbut he also had significant active gigs, such as his role in Netflix GLOW (started the second season recently.) Maron Ted Marco will play in Dublin JokerAgent Arthur Fleck in the upcoming drama / psychology project. But he spoke recently about his indifference in the whole superhero genre, saying:

Yikes. Despite the fact that he showed in movies Todd Phillips about a comic book villain, Marc Maron has a question with the genre, and with the passionate fans who consistently satisfy their time and money for each new one.

Marc Maron's comments came from his recent appearance Conan. During that sector, Conan asked Brien Brien about the comic book genre, where the podcast host / actor did not swap his words about his questions. He does not seem to be very impressed with seeing comic books, and does not want to be bullied in the film experience through advertising and interpersonal dialogue. Well, it must have been difficult to avoid Avengers: Endgame talk when the barrier hits theaters first.

The part of his observations that fans may have is that he believes what age is suitable to be a superhero fan. Marc Maron says that he is too old to look at each of the new comic books. In addition, it continues to refer to the rabid fans as "male nerd children". But this core group of fans is that Maron and the Joker your feet / crew must board the upcoming block and the box office will have legs.

Given the proficiency of the superhero genre, it is also clear that these films are not attended by one type of audience member. Comic book films appeal to a wide range of filmmakers, making the crazy box office numbers in the process.

You can see Marc Maron's appearance Conan below.

These views are likely to come in the wrong way to deny fans of comedy and casual filmmakers, so it should be interesting to see if there is any fall. On the other hand, Marc Maron knows his funny humor, and Conan Brien ended up during the segment. So there is also the possibility that it is not just joking about the whole thing.

Despite this, Marc Maron will make his first superhero film when Joker arrives at the theaters on 4 October, 2019. In the meantime, see our 2019 release list to plan your next trip.