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Jomanda lost his mind – Wel.nl

Jomanda lives isolated in Canada. He refuses to receive people. But fellow medium Robbert van den Broeke says he has contact with him and is allowed in Private said that Jomanda is skin and bones and haunted by ghosts.

“Jomanda lives day and night with the idea that demons, monsters, evil spirits and alien entities are chasing him, crawling down his throat and putting pins in his cheek so he can’t eat. That’s how they want to destroy him. Through webcam do I have to review and scan her every day if I don’t she will panic she wants me to come to Canada so I can treat her any time of the day and when she is better she wants to come with me back to the Netherlands for give healing here.”

With Van den Broeke he recently started making a “podcast on the internet” every week.

On the joints Youtube channel Jomanda reads poems dictated to him from the ‘divine world’ with wise special messages. Together they also answer questions and problems, which they receive by email.

“If it’s for Jomanda, he wants to continue. He wants to be with me again healing start giving, not only in the Netherlands, but also abroad. Jomanda is convinced that we should join forces. I am proud of the fact that Jomanda collaborates with me on YouTube. Going around the country together to give people positive energy would be absolutely wonderful.”

According to Van den Broeke, Jomanda would love to be with him. He wants to marry her and have a child. It doesn’t matter that the man is gay.

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