Jon Helgheim: – I am probably done in Norwegian politics at this level

– I am some distance away from a seat in the Storting, there is still a possibility of an equalization mandate, but I am probably done in Norwegian politics at this level, he says to VG.

Helgheim, who still has one year left in the FRP’s central board, was elected as the FRP’s second candidate in Buskerud in 2017, but lost the battle to become the party’s list leader in the constituency before this year’s election. Thus, he chose to say yes to 2nd place on the party’s list in Oslo after Siv Jensen resigned.

In Oslo, Conservative veteran Michael Tetzschner is also on the verge of losing his seat. Aps local leader Frode Jacobsen will probably not get a place either. The FRP, the Labor Party and the Conservative Party will all lose a mandate if the forecasts come true.

The Liberal Party, the Socialist People’s Party and the Red Party all get one seat more than in 2017 and end up with three, three and two seats.

Jan Bøhler, who in November last year announced the transition from the Labor Party to the Socialist People’s Party, has also finished in the Storting.


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