Jorge Cárdenas offended a follower on Twitter

The actor asked on the platform if there was any “relationship between the M-19” and the COVID-19 and, apparently, in response mode he wrote: “Una minga”, a trill that was not liked by several users.

Given what was said by Jorge Cádenas, who a few months ago clarified if it is a maintained, a follower asked him: “Did you wash the lunch dishes yet?”, and this caused him to unleash himself with offenses.

The husband of Ana Lucia Dominguez He cited the woman, identified on the social network as Claudia Santamaría, and told her: “What time do you come to work at the brothel?”, a reference that for many was taken as an insult.

He is also a singer, that he clarified if they pay him to talk about politicsadded that she would ask another user to recommend her in a place of lenocyWell, maybe they could offer her a job there.

Here, the trills to which several people reacted in defense of the user, some reminded her that she was born to a woman and has a wife:


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