July 28, 2019

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José María Fidalgo, trade unionist: «In Catalonia things are moving»

I don't think he likes the vacation.

I like to continue doing what I would do throughout the year. Read, walk through Babia, sleep with blanket.


Several things in his favor. A few days ago I saw him waiting for the bus.

The trial.

As the trial process led, it shows that it has a legal smell like the edge of a razor. He broke down a lot of indecency and many lawyers eventually gave up the dark paths they tried. He showed that Justice exists. It is very difficult for someone to correct him.


This trial has to serve to unmask felony. What happened in Catalonia was not the claim of a right against other rights but the attempt to subvert a democratic system to found another.

Spain has a solution.

Things are moving. When societies recover the ethical tone, they look for ways out. We are looking for a new way to live together.

Catalonia too.

In Catalonia things are moving. It is trying to rebuild the Catalan political space. Artur Mas is trying. But you can shake hands with the PSC, as has happened in the Diputación de Barcelona.


He is a new agent in Catalan politics and also in Spanish. Let's see if with the same chips we can play differently.

It is the economy.

There are problems that are not minor but that are little taken into account. In any organized segment there is a tension between the elites and the bases. We are also seeing it in Catalonia. Economic power begins to move to find another accommodation. He has seen that if they continue like this they can only get worse. Free societies do not atomize, they look for new ways of living together.


Today I do not see the endowment with Podemos.

Pablo Casado.

All I see is that the political right needs to clarify its leadership. And that the PP, to consolidate this leadership, has to sit down and exhibit muscle as the head of the opposition. That can be done by facilitating Sánchez's investiture and agreeing on the big issues.

What are these issues?

Pensions, productive economy, education system and fundamental rights. Spain needs PP and PSOE to agree at least on these issues. And another thing: it is easier to shake hands above the table than below.

Albert Rivera

It is having a serious crisis because it does not contribute to national cohesion.

Pedro Sanchez

Has won. Let's see what it does. It is a mistake to continue insulting him. It is better to give it a chance than to take it off. The pact is better than the social rupture.

Is Vox extreme right?

I am cautious when pigeonholeing. Some of his proposals against certain groups seem ultraconservative. They sound bad. His political organization is not settled.

We can is extreme left.

It should not be, but occasionally likes to exhibit radicality. Its internal crises show that in the democratic left not everything fits. Regimes without freedom cannot be blessed with impunity. Some of the things that we still advocate can lead to misery and death. They tried to be the alternative to social democracy but have failed.

Trade unionism

It is not right as it is. In my time it was strong. We had a CEOE that was easy to understand. In this type of relationship it is essential to be able to see each other in the mirror. It just never leaves the hole.

What hole?

There is no social dialogue. There is no articulation between unions and employers, this articulation that legitimizes the decisions of the State.

The mirror of the other.

A well-conducted dialogue does not appease ambition but channels it. The CEOE after Cuevas has not been the best mirror for trade unionism.

Equalism, equality.

I am no longer in the flirting phase but I have many friends, and that works for me. I can't have coffee with a woman just like a man. In the deal, affection is very important. That's why women have so much influence. We are not equal, but we must be careful that this inequality does not go to other fields. .