Friday, 18 Jan 2019

Jose Mourinho faces Juventus players after provoking fans

Jose Mourinho exasperated Juventus players and fans after Manchester United won Juventus.

United attempted to score twice later to ensure another famous win of the Champions League in Turin.

Cristiano Ronaldo opened the scoring for Juve before Juan Mata equalized on a free kick.

Alex Sandro then added Ashley Young's free kick in his own net to unleash exhilarating scenes outside and on the touchline.

At the final whistle, Mourinho rushed to the pitch and leaned towards the Juve fans, after being mocked at his passing at Inter during the match, as he was at Old Trafford a fortnight ago.

Bonucci was among those who criticized Mourinho's behavior before the boss of United was taken away by staff members.

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho celebrates

Jose Mourinho makes fun of Juventus fans

Manchester United Gestures, Jose Mourinho

About his behavior, Mourinho said: "" The game was a very good game, a high level game. It does not matter in the end. We played at a high level.

"I did a little thing, I respect Juventus, its players, its manager, everything.

"I am very proud of my boys."

Jose Mourinho argues with Leonardo Bonucci

But United's legend, Schole, suggested that Mourinho's behavior was misplaced.

"You have to win with a bit of class, I do not think it's necessary, go ahead and cheer the fans out," he said.

"It's useless but it's like that it's."

At Old Trafford, a fortnight ago, Mourinho made a three-fingered gesture to Juve fans after making fun of his future.

This gesture made reference to the triplet he had won with Inter in 2010.

The boss of United could also face a national ban for comments he made after the victory of United on Juventus.

Jose Mourinho and Paulo Dybala

Jose Mourinho is leaving the field

Mourinho allegedly swore in Portuguese in front of a television camera while leaving the field.

United has successfully challenged the prosecution, but the FA will appeal this decision.


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