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Jose Mourinho hits FA after Manchester United boss mocks Juventus fans

Jose Mourinho did not resist the opportunity that he was offered to hit the FA the day he learned that he was about to ban him.

The boss of Manchester United could be reprimanded for allegedly swearing in a camera after the victory of his team on Newcastle United last month.

And after seeing his team come from behind to beat Juventus in the Champions League on Wednesday night, he targeted power.

Mourinho was asked following his provocations: "When you went to party, the Juventus players were obviously very angry …?"

He replied, "Do you speak Italian?" to which the reporter said that she did not. Mourinho said, "Well, ask the FA, they will translate for you."

Jose Mourinho hit the FA

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United's boss's remark concerned the FA's appeal against the Independent Regulatory Commission's decision to dissuade Mourinho from using foul language.

The written reasons show that the FA commissioned Pedro Xavier, an expert in translation and interpretation of Portuguese-language reading, to give his opinion on Mourinho sidelines.

Xavier said that Mourinho had used the phrase "your sos a filhos da puta" twice, which literally translated "son of a man".

Mourinho used Simao Valente, an assistant professor at the University of Lisbon and an expert in Portuguese.

Mourinho is mocked by Juventus fans

Jose Mourinho reveals what Juventus supporters shouted at him to provoke the party

Valente interpreted the repeated phrase as follows: "vao levar no cu, filhos da puta", what he translated as "will take that in the a ***, son of the w ****" in the sense literal, and "f *** off you son of b ******" or "f *** off you a *******" as an idiomatic translation.

Valente felt that the idiomatic translation was not entirely adequate or accurate, because the context of United's tough match was necessary, as well as his difficult start to the season and his "significant criticism in the media".

This decision means that Mourinho is again facing a possible ban on the sidelines, even though he will be available for the Sunday derby against Manchester City.

The appeal hearing will only take place at the international break, which means that a ban could be imposed for Crystal Palace's visit on November 24th.

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