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José Mourinho reacts to post-match scandal

Dirty evening for Tottenham. The Spurs received Norwich City tonight in its lair on behalf of the knockout stages of the FA Cup. A match that the Londoners lost on penalties (1-1, 3 tab 2). A very bad result, especially as it was the Premier League’s red lantern. But another important fact was added to this dirty evening. The English media have indeed relayed information according to which Eric Dier went to the stands of Tottenham Hotspurs stadium to go to battle with a supporter!

The reason ? Two versions were mentioned for the moment. The 26-year-old Englishman wanted to explain himself virilely with a pseudo-supporter who allegedly uttered racist insults against Gedson Fernandes when the latter had just missed a penalty. Others, including José Mourinho, spoke of insults against a member of the player’s flaw in the stands. A gesture that many have called courageous. Present at a press conference, the Portuguese obviously did not escape questions about this incident. And if the Special One regretted the attitude of Dier as a professional, the Portuguese fully understood his gesture as a man.

Eric Dider went to battle in the stands

“I cannot avoid the question and I think Eric has done something that we professionals cannot afford to do, even if, given the circumstances, that is what everyone else would have done. When someone insults your family and your loved ones are there and one of them is involved in this incident (his younger brother), I think Eric did what the professionals cannot do, but, and I repeat, what each of us would have done as a person “, he said, before continuing.

“The supporters who are seated in these seats, in these privileged areas of the stadium, I don’t know if they are really Tottenham fans. Because our supporters were behind us until the last shot on goal. Afterwards, I don’t know (whether these are racist insults against Gelson Fernandes or against Dier’s brother). I just know that Eric’s reaction comes from the fact that his brother wasn’t happy with what was going on in the gallery. If the club decides to punish Dier, I won’t agree. “ It is said !

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