Joselito debuts as a rancher in San Isidro

Be the fourth time I have fought in Madrid after the two Goyescas in 2016 and 2018 and the one in Doña de la Paloma in 2017 and the first in the Isidril cycle

Jose Miguel Arroyo 'Joselito' at his Prado del Arca estate in Talavera de la Reina

What a joy it is to always go home. And, forJos Miguel ArroyoJoselito, returning to Las Ventas is synonymous with nostalgia, joy and added responsibility, after the great moments he has lived as a bullfighter in the Monumental capital. On May 2, 2016, he made his debut as a cattle rancher in the traditional Goyesca bullfight, on the day that marks the 20th anniversary of that cloudy and historic afternoon in 1996, in which he cut six ears of bulls from different herdsmen. The following year he will fight on such a bullfighting date as in Madrid as on August 15, when he left for the Puerta Grande Romn. Last year he returned to 'his date' on May 2, with two bulls that fell into the hands of Ivn Vicente and Javier Corts. This Friday he debuted in San Isidro.El Tajo and La Reina return to Madridfor the fourth time in the hands of Joselito, to star in the fourth installment of Isidril.

The irons of 8 and 4 are two of those that did not enter the famous drum of the ten cattle ranchers announced by the company, which left half of the making of the card in the hands of chance.

Joselito Adame, Romn and Alvaro Lorenzomake up the poster this Friday. This will be the only appearance of the bullfighter hydrochloride at the fair. Romn acting on two occasions adding to this the afternoon of Adolfo Martn. While the toledano Lorenzo will do it in three, with the bulls ofJoselito, the day 31 with one of the two runs of Alcurrucn and June 5 with that of Garcigrande and Domingo Hernndez.

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