Josemith Bermúdez and his battle against cancer: I leave this with greater enthusiasm

The cheerleader sent encouraging messages through her social networks about her current health.

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Cheerleader Josemith Bermúdez, who has been fighting ovarian cancer for three years, sent encouraging messages through her social networks about her current health.
“Yesterday I received chemotherapy. Today they hydrated me … I am in good spirits. I leave with greater enthusiasm, my son needs me. We are happy at home,” he tweeted on Thursday 15-O on his account @Josemithve.

The 40-year-old ex-host of spaces such as La Bomba and Ají Picante, also posted an emotional video on her Instagram (@josemithbermudez) in which she claims to have “a lot of enthusiasm and passion to continue building (…) I know very well that the shadows will be behind me again. “

In August of this year, Bermúdez announced that he was facing a third onslaught of the disease. “Here we go with faith and hope. The third is the charm, “he posted at the time.
In the new video, which he published on Thursday 15-O, he said from his bed, smiling and overcoming the effects of his treatment: “Sixth cycle of chemotherapy, now at home! (…) I have partially lost my hair, You have already seen me with a bald head, so there is nothing to hide (…) I wanted to give you the news that I feel good, I am recovering at home. With courage, moving forward “.

After her publications, the actress and singer also received many messages of encouragement from fans, artists and people linked to the media. One of these people was the actress Norkys Batista (@norkys_batista), who wrote: “In the name of God you will heal deeply, I love you my @josemithbermudez”.
“God bless you my love”, wrote Hilda Abrahamz.
Also one of his former colleagues on Televen, the journalist Jesús Torres (@elguaropotter) conveyed his affection: “I am waiting for you, I will wait for you !!!”.

Bermúdez has reflected his experiences with the disease in different works. In 2018 he brought to the stage the monologue Dressed to Heal, which he turned into a book in December 2019 with the same title.
In June 2019 he recorded the song ¿Qué quiero de mi ?, and in October of that same year he made a new version of the song I want an angel in duet with Kiara.

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