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Joseph eliminated, the summary of episode 1

KOH LANTA 2020 – Tonight, TF1 aired the first episode of Koh Lanta. Denis Brogniart trained the teams and some candidates have already stood out. Joseph joined the reds and the adventurer had a very bad attitude. He did not hesitate to put out the fire to take revenge and he was eliminated.

The essential

The new Koh Lanta season started this evening on TF1 and viewers were able to meet some candidates. Denis Brogniart quickly formed the teams and the reds had an advantage from the start. They won the first test and were able to take all the equipment. However, they had a hard time making the fire and Joseph put pressure on himself. The young adventurer only heard that his comrades wanted to eliminate him and he took revenge and put out the fire. This attitude is importable and the reds eliminated it during the council. In addition, Claudia of the Reds was injured and she had to leave the program. The young woman has been replaced by Marie and she will prove herself next week.



00:05 – Which candidates are in danger in Koh Lanta?

END OF LIVE – Tonight, TF1 broadcast the first episode of the new season of Koh Lanta. Some candidates have stood out and they may well be eliminated in the next episodes. Among the yellows, Sam, a 19-year-old young man, found it difficult to integrate and he was distant with his comrades. This has created great tensions and Sam will have to get closer to them and be more united if he wants to keep his place on the show. Among the reds, Ahmad is not comfortable in the water and the reds had to withdraw because of him. He managed to get out of it at night in the face of Joseph’s bad behavior. However, Ahmad may well be eliminated if he cannot be caught in the water trials. And for good reason, he delays his whole group and he could end up being a burden for them.

02/21/20 – 11:59 PM – Summary of episode 1 of Koh Lanta (2/2)

The reds also settled but they had trouble making a fire. Joseph had embarked on this task and he absolutely wanted to start it. The candidate for Koh Lanta put a lot of pressure on himself and stood out. His comrades did not like his strong character and some already wanted to vote against him. For her part, Claudia, the Reds injured her ankle while trying to get water. The medical staff had to intervene and Claudia had no choice but to leave the adventure. A little later in the evening, Denis Brogniart announced the second test, which was largely in the water. The yellows were able to get ahead very quickly because Ahmad of the reds was not at all comfortable and he panicked in the water. For the very first time, the reds had to forfeit because of Ahmed and this could have prejudiced him. However, when he returned to the camp, Joseph started the fire but he noticed that everyone wanted to vote against him. The candidate wanted revenge and took a large bucket of water to reach the fire. All the reds got mad at him and Joseph signed off on the show. Indeed, during the council, the reds all voted against him and Joseph had to leave Koh Lanta. Finally, Claudia, who returned home after her injury, had to be replaced. So it’s Marie who takes her place and she can prove herself next week.

02/21/20 – 11:58 PM – Summary of episode 1 of Koh Lanta (1/2)

The first episode of Koh Lanta has started and the fourteen candidates have arrived on the island. During the first test, they had to take as many provisions as possible and swim to reach the island. Ahmad showed from the start that he was uncomfortable in the water and he had great difficulty moving forward. Once on the island, Denis Brogniart announced the teams and Benoît, Valérie, Sam, Naoil Régis and Inès form the yellow team. Then, Delphine, Ahmad, Charlotte, Pholien, Claudia, Eric and Joseph are the reds. Once the teams were made, Denis Brogniart launched the first test which was the challenge of the rams. The yellows did not listen to each other enough and they had trouble moving forward. On the contrary, the reds were in agreement and they took the lead very quickly. The reds won the race and were able to take all the supplies. After this ordeal, the yolks discovered the camp and Sam attacked the fire. In just over two minutes, the 19-year-old young adventurer managed to turn it on and impressed all of his comrades. However, Sam is distant with his team and it does not please everyone. There has been tension between Sam and Benoit and the young man will have to be careful if he does not want to be eliminated.

02/21/20 – 11:39 PM – Joseph is eliminated!

The reds go to the votes and Marie realizes that there are tensions in the team. For her, it is intolerable to put out the fire but she cannot vote tonight. Joseph, Delphine, Eric, Charlotte, Pholien and Ahmad vote and Denis Brogniart announces the result. All the reds voted against Joseph and the adventurer must leave Koh Lanta. “I did a bad job and I deserve to leave.” he admits.

02/21/20 – 11:31 PM – A new adventurer among the reds

Claudia had to leave the show because of an ankle injury and is replaced by a new adventurer: Marie. It’s council time and the reds are still mad at Joseph. The candidate tries to explain himself and is disgusted with the attitude of his comrades. “He fired us, we thanked him but he has a character that is not in keeping with the team,” said one of the reds. For Joseph, reds don’t deserve to have fire.

02/21/20 – 11:28 PM – Joseph takes revenge!

Joseph knows that his comrades are going to vote against him and he is very upset. he decides to take revenge and he puts out the fire. “I spent three days firing them,” he explains. All the reds are mad at him and they don’t understand his gesture. “He’s crazy this one”. Delphine is turned against him and she asks him how he can keep his head high while doing this.

02/21/20 – 11:23 PM – Joseph manages to make a fire

Sam has managed to catch crabs with Régis and the yolks are happy to be able to eat a little. “It’s not bad,” said one of the yellows. As for the reds, Joseph is determined to make a fire and he has found the perfect wood to make it. He finally succeeds in doing it and he is very happy. “His persistence paid off,” said one of the reds. All his fellow travelers are happy to have fire and to be able to eat.

02/21/20 – 11:19 pm – Tensions among the yellows

The tone rises among the yellows and Sam and Benoit argue “he forgot one thing, it is that we are a group” said Benoit. All the yellows are pissed off at Sam and they realize he is pointing. Régis and Valérie support Sam and they help him catch crabs.

02/21/20 – 11:14 PM – Ahmad takes advantage in the reds

Joseph cannot make a fire and he is sure to be eliminated during the council in Koh Lanta. Delphine asks Joseph to drop and relay but the candidate refuses. “I know I’m going to get fired for something I can do.” Joseph begins to backfire on his comrades and Ahmad takes the opportunity to talk to the others and tell them to send Joseph away “he is unbearable”.

02/21/20 – 11:05 PM – Internet users angry at Ahmad

In the second race, Ahmad of the Red team panicked in the water and had to withdraw. The reds have lost to the yellows and they will have to go to the council to eliminate one of their own. Viewers don’t understand why Ahmad is in Koh Lanta when he can’t swim. For them, the candidate is a burden for the reds and they think he should leave the show. “The guy who does Koh Lanta but can’t swim,” said a Twitter user.

02/21/20 – 10:58 PM – One of the reds will have to leave

The yellows don’t know it yet but the reds had to give up and they won. Ahmad is disgusted with having penalized his entire group and the others try to reassure him. “I’m going to Koh Lanta and I can’t swim …” he says. The reds will have to find themselves in order to eliminate one of their own and Ahmad is more than ever in danger. “It’s my fault at 2000%”. For their part, the yellows win their first immunity. “We learned from our mistakes yesterday,” said Naoil.

02/21/20 – 10:53 PM – Ahmad panics in the water

Ahmad is unable to swim despite the shallow depth and the reds are forced to help him. The adventurer begins to panic in the water and all his fellow travelers come to his rescue. The yolks are already out of the water and they are doing very well. “Super Maxime, let’s continue” says Valérie. Ahmad delays his group and he decides to give up so as not to penalize his group any more.

02/21/20 – 10:51 pm – The yellows are ahead

Sam and Joseph are comfortable in the water and they are leading. For his part, Ahmad has great difficulty moving forward because he is not comfortable in the water. All team members must end up in a cage in order to continue the competition and the yolks have the lead.

02/21/20 – 10:50 pm – The yellows and the reds clash

The yellows and the reds have to face each other for a new test and the losing team will have to eliminate one of its members. Applicants must wield a scepter and they must make a human scale to get there. The first to take the scepter wins the test. Valérie of the yellow team is not participating in the event because the reds have lost one of theirs.

02/21/20 – 10:47 PM – Claudia leaves Koh Lanta

Claudia was injured while going for the fire and has ankle pain. The young woman must have ten days off and Denis Brogniart announces bad news. Claudia has to leave the show and the young woman is very sad and she collapses in front of her friends.



Among the anonymous competing in season 21 of Koh Lanta, there is a cabinetmaker, a boxer, a sports coach or a nurse. The public also finds candidates from previous seasons. Fans of the TF1 show will therefore have the pleasure of finding Moussa of season 3, Claude of season 10, Teheiura of season 11, Sara of season 12 and Jessica of season 14. Find the portraits of the adventurers of Koh Lanta 2020.

The 2020 edition of Koh Lanta is broadcast every Friday on TF1, from 9:05 p.m. For viewers who missed an episode, the first channel offers to watch them in replay streaming on the site MyTF1. Note that an episode remains online 8 days after its television broadcast.

On June 22, 2019, Maud was named the big winner of the 2019 Koh Lanta season against Clo, Steeve, Cindy and Aurélien. The 13 members of the final jury delivered their verdict directly from Paris: 7 votes for Maud, 6 votes for Cindy, making Maud the winner of the 2019 edition. She therefore won the € 100,000.

Koh Lanta – on the TV program from February 21, 2020 on TF1

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