Josu Ternera lived alone in a mountain refuge, carrying 4,000 euros and posing as a Venezuelan writer

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5/17/2019 8:32 PM

The historical leader of ETA José Antonio Urrutikoetxea Bengoetxea, Josu Veal, arrested on Thursday in France, he lived alone in a mountain shelter between ski slopes and he carried 4,000 euros in cash at the time he was arrested while on his way to a hospital center. According to several media reports, he pretended to be a Venezuelan writer called Bruno Martí.

Sources of the fight against terrorism have indicated that the refuge meets conditions of habitability, although they do not know since when the ETA member, who had been on the run since 2002, lived in that place that is now being inspected by the French security forces. Nor have they been able to specify which is the economic source from which Ternera obtained the resources to maintain and the 4,000 euros he was carrying at the time of the arrest near the hospital in Sallanches, where he was going to a medical appointment.

Refuge of Josu Veal in the French Alps <! –

Refuge of Josu Veal in the French Alps

Josu Veal was a priority objective of the Civil Guard and the General Directorate of Internal Security of France, who followed a line of determining research to reach the detainee. At the time of arrest, according to the same sources, the reaction of ETA was to imply the agents, in perfect French, that it was an error and that he did not understand what was happening. Soon after, he had to admit his identity.

Sources have indicated that Ternera, 68 years old, did a continuous physical activity, especially marches down the mountain, reason to which attribute their physical condition and obvious thinness. On the contrary, they havethat the former head of ETA is seriously ill, submitted to a periodic oncological treatment. On Thursday he went to the doctor for a specific appointment.


The arrest, one of the main challenges of the Spanish and French information services, has meant a "Adrenaline Rush" for the agents who managed to identify him and arrest him. The French policemen were put "Goose bumps" for participating in a "challenge" of that caliber.

Once this goal is achieved, the Civil Guard continues to work in the fight against ETA in three fundamental lines: the location of those who have pending convictions, the resolution of unresolved crimes and the investigation of dissent contrary to the dissolution of the gang.

Paula Rosas | Melchor Sáiz-Pardo

French former ETA leader Josu Ternera detained in France
He has been arrested in the Alps, in a joint operation between the French police and the Spanish Civil Guard. His frequent visits to the hospital in recent times have facilitated his capture

The former political head of ETA, who had been missing for 17 years, has been transferred this afternoon to Bonneville prison

José Antonio Urruticoetxea Bengoetxea, aka "Josu Ternera", has been transferred this Thursday afternoon to Bonneville prison after being arrested in the first hour of the day in operation «Childhood stolen». Josu Ternera has been taken into police custody to testify before a judge in Bonneville, a town between Geneva and Sallanches. In the images of TVE the leader of ETA was appreciated handcuffed and with a hood that covered his face.

Moment in which the ex-leader of ETA Josu Ternera is removed from the Palace of Justice in Bonneville (France) with his head completely covered<! –

Moment in which the ex-leader of ETA Josu Ternera is removed from the Palace of Justice in Bonneville (France) with his head completely covered

Josu Ternera has been arrested at 7:30 this Thursday in the French Alps in a joint operation carried out by the Civil Guard and the Directorate General of Internal Security (DGSI), according to sources from the Paris Prosecutor's Office. The terrorist, who gave voice in 2018 to the audio message in which ETA announced the end of its "historical cycle and its function" and was considered dissolved, He was missing for 17 years and has been arrested in the town of Sallanches, Department of Haute-Savoie, when I went to the hospital to receive treatment for cancer that suffers.

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